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WWE '13 is a video game by THQ and is a game for World Wrestling Entertainment fans, including one of the biggest rosters to date.

Hello everybody Jacob here WWE 13 is a realy awesome game. For all the people that have WWE 13  if you have trouble on doing a specific type of action there is this new feature that is called in-game manual. The roster is pretty impressive I have seen the DLC people too. They have Ryback,tensai,the usos,rikishi,scotty 2 hotty,grandmaster sexay,godfather,damien sandow,layla,aj,chainsaw charlie,yoshi tatsu,and natalya. The attitude era mode is really cool you can unlock all sorts of old arenas and superstars the first one you do is, "rise of D-X" it also shows cinematic cutscenes and historical photos of the matches you do.The roster of the game has expanded really far too. The arenas on the game are really awesome. Well that is all folks.Edit

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